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ReminiTek and Habitat to the Rescue

A tropical construction must harmonize with its environment, utilizing local materials to ensure resilience against earthquakes and tropical storms, all while maintaining an aesthetic of luxury at a cost-effective rate. Unfortunately, societal norms have led to an unsustainable cost from conceptualization to construction. The Foundation  expenses our construction cost should reflect not only your involvement in the community but also your determination to safeguard the invaluable gift of family.

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Our Building Passion

As builders, we find immense pride in our craft. Yet, our clients may lack the financial means to adequately reward our efforts.

The Awaken Construction Program serves as a unifying force, providing us with the opportunity to express our passion and pursue ongoing education for excellence.

While our investment in our company somewhat secures the aspect of sustaining high family costs, the evolving times instill growing concerns each day.

We envision a secure community that fosters family values and encompasses all the amenities we hold dear. Our desire is to attain these possibilities and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with them.

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As architects, we conceptualize innovative construction ideas. We are seeking both firms and individuals interested in showcasing their capabilities. Explore the program, and let's collaborate to bring our strengths together.

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