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Hydroponics Solution involves cultivating plants using a water-based nutrient solution instead of traditional soil. This method may incorporate an aggregate substrate or growing media, such as vermiculite, coconut coir, or perlite. Hydroponic production systems find applications among small-scale farmers, hobbyists, and commercial enterprises.

This system also allow the growing of fish farming attached to the water supply line. This complete the feeding cycle.

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Dedicated Advocate to Agriculture Solutions

An agriculturist, agriculturalist, agrologist, or agronomist, all represent scientific professions committed to the practice and management of agriculture and agribusiness.


We have committed our lives to obtaining our sustenance from stores, often missing out on the true essence of nature. The assurance that our labeled “natural” foods are genuinely so has become increasingly doubtful. We continue to expose ourselves to pesticides and other harmful substances. It is now imperative to prioritize our health, recognizing that it is indeed our wealth. Let us hear your voice and solutions.

A New City: ITIYAH


Awaken Foundation

is committed to transforming the visual aesthetics of the land by planting various fruit-producing trees, creating parks, walkways, and more. This undertaking necessitates controlling our production of metals, cement, and chemical plants. Additionally, it calls for a restructured economic framework that benefits all individuals in Haiti.

Recognizing that people often struggle to break free from their habits, the foundation aims to assist with moral guidance, legal support, and fostering an effective mindset to contribute to a more efficient community.

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