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The economy pertains to the well-being and enduring viability of a nation, involving the responsible administration of its resources while maintaining a focus on nurturing the ecosystem. Commerce, on the other hand, represents the mutually accepted exchange, logistics, and regulations within individuals, towns, cities, regions, or states. Meanwhile, business revolves around private agreements among parties, encompassing relations, services, and requests driven by financial, capital, or personal benefits.
The difference is enlightening!

Rebuilding Our Economy

As builders, we find immense pride in our craft. Yet, our clients may lack the financial means to adequately reward our efforts.

The Awaken Banking Solution acts as a cohesive catalyst, enabling collaboration and empowering us to enhance our collective purchasing power significantly. This, in turn, has the potential to narrow the wealth gap prevalent in our society. Our commitment to community investment aims to sustain family wealth, fostering a secure environment that values family principles and amplifies our capacity to create private commercial opportunities on a global scale.


A new financial system is imperative—one that isn't dependent on the U.S. dollar or Haitian goud. We must establish a system fostering equality in purchasing power, enabling seamless transfer and sale of items within the country to ensure universal comfort for everyone.

The proposed system eliminates the use of existing currencies, opting for a credit system that empowers everyone to engage in purchasing and internal business activities. Simultaneously, it provides an opportunity to rebuild the entire nation without the burdensome constraints of traditional costs.

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