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Education Change

They are 10 ways to learn:

  1. Visual Learning: Learning through images, charts, and graphs.
  2. Auditory Learning: Learning through listening and verbal communication.
  3. Reading/Writing Learning: Learning through reading and writing activities.
  4. Kinesthetic Learning: Learning through physical activities and hands-on experiences.
  5. Multimodal Learning: Combining two or more of the above types for a personalized approach.
  6. Social Learning: Learning through interactions and observations of others.
  7. Experiential Learning: Learning through direct experiences and reflection.
  8. Problem-Based Learning: Learning through solving real-world problems.
  9. Discovery Learning: Learning through exploration and self-discovery.
  10. Conceptual Learning: Learning by understanding abstract concepts and principles.

The ultimate aim of learning is effective knowledge application. However, throughout history, societies have often used education to shape perceptions, morality, submissiveness, and allegiance. Society will mold people to be useful to their vision and needs. Society would reward those who abides and punishes the free thinkers or dangerous minds.

Beside all logic and the facts education will change your perception of truth. Those who teaches are indoctrinators. The key to breaking free from indoctrination lies in becoming conscious of the subconscious. When the 2 halves meet, the enlightenment of the mind and body becomes apparent thus the changes it comes with.

Education at the right level

We are everywhere…
Maternity to Hight School 2400 Potentials
High school To College/ Unversity 3500 Potentials
Doctora & Master 1000 Potentials
self education 1500 Potentials
Vocational 5400 Potentials

Education is Our Passion

As individuals engaged in the field of Education, we take great pride in our workmanship. The Empower Construction Education Program serves as a unifying platform, offering us the chance to channel our passion and engage in continuous learning for professional development.

While our commitment to our construction endeavors helps address some of the financial responsibilities associated with supporting our families, the changing landscape poses ongoing challenges.

Our vision is to create a resilient community that upholds family values and encompasses all the essential amenities we cherish. We aspire to realize these opportunities and experience the tranquility that accompanies them.

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