“in traditional life, the individual does not and cannot exist alone except corporately. He owes his existence to other people…

The community must therefore make, create or produce the individual… Only in terms of other people does the individual becomes conscious of his own being, his own duties, his privileges and responsibilities towards himself and towards other people” (1969, p. 108).

What this book doesn’t talk about is our RIGHTs as MEN: dominion over our lands, Gods creations and most the family He gave us. Start there, and the complex community will make sense, the society’s solution will become apparent.

It’s only when family is secure that the inevitable motion toward the future takes place.

Our Partner in the ECOSYSTEM Solution
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Sustainable agriculture frequently encompasses a wide range of production practices, including conventional and organic. A regionally integrated system of plant and animal production practices are designed to produce long-term results such as:

  • Production of sufficient food, feed, fiber, and fuel to meet the needs of a sharply rising population
  • Protection of the environment and expansion of the natural resources supply
    Sustainment of the economic viability of agriculture systems.

We envision programs implementing services that:

  • Encourage farmers in the development and adoption of practices that are profitable and environmentally sound.
  • Support research and education intended to help farmers and ranchers mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Improve production efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Address threats from pests and diseases.
  • Improve the quality of surface water and groundwater resources.