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Education and its Impact | Historical Distortion and The Commonsense  Reality

George Washington Carver

” I am simply God’s servant endeavoring in my humble way to do that which God has given me the trust to do . There are riches far above silver and gold and riches that no amount of money can buy and that is the supreme joy of loving humanity.”

Historically Traceable

What do we Teach

Knowledge Of The Indies And America | Relationship Between Religion And Laws | Power Through Terminology | Action Of Words | Results Of Changes | Your Truth


  • Ancient calendar
  • Timeline parallel
  • Bible timeline
  • Adjusted biblical time
  • Events and recording
  • Origins


  • Topography
  • Natural Formation
  • Scientific Geography
  • Real vs Fake Map
  • Geo-Political Map
  • Historical Mapping


  • Biblical Names
  • Ancient Geographical name
  • Etymology and its importance
  • Legalese
  • New Terms Vs Original Terms
  • Syntax

Think Differently by asking important questions

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Awaken University

Be part of the rational element and take our classes. Life “be-lie-f” is how you perceive information given. Life reality is how you experience knowledge. Cognitive dissonance requires therapy that are rooted in critical thinking, acknowledgements and simplified scientifically demonstrated.