Liberty Equality and Fraternity

What does this means

The core of a country is its community which at its core are the families. If one of the components of the family is sick, the community must heal that individual so the family can be fully functional; this mindset is worth fighting for. If we are all brothers, sisters, and family members, why do we hurt each other? Is it the lack of understanding or the influence of money? What if we remove these factors? How valuable would our commitment, achievement, and wealth be evaluated?

” I understand how paradise was infected, but I saw the vision of what will become and how the Creator has orchestrated the revivals. His solution, the start points requirement, is based on a fundamental change that consists of having all sources and opinions of historical truth to make a stand for what will become a livelihood. This life still is achievable now more than ever. It requires sacrifices, Spiritual enlightenment, and the Mighty God as “your” shield.”

Jeff Paul, RT/ Awaken Founder


We stand Strong and Organized to Protect Those we Love

Security First

We, Haitians, have inherited the concept of large family where the Diaspora is considered the children of Haiti living abroad. As an organization,  it is our legal legitimate right to protect ourselves and those we love against foreign and internal danger. Following the Liberty, distinction, Equality, Fraternity, Morality and Honor are keys to enable the Yashield Security Group. The United States second Amendment does grant unconditional right to bear arms for self defense which coincide with international world view against tyrannical threats. We stand with Zeal to denounce and declare our rights and stand against tyranny. We welcome all who wishes to know our stand with us to gain0 respects a men and women of YHWH the great architect.


The TRUTH will set you FREE!
The historical accuracy of bloodline is important to us. Knowing where you came from will remind that you are the ultimate survivor from the Creation of your lineage.

We offer material based on history and relevancy on the impact it makes. We all are proud of our children but we should also be proud of our community and country. The only way to stand strong as a family is to know the truth of why people are divided but why united under the term FAMILY we have a chance to reborn as a new Nation.

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You are what You Eat

Our Farming bring the natural experience without the chemicals that harm us. ``Saint of Body, Saint of Mind”


Engineering Natural Solution

Building an Symbiotic Ecosystem is key to enhance health and a stress free environement


Our City ITIAH

The city Itiah is based on people who wants to implement their inspired city and lifestyle on a blank canvas in Haiti.