Haytian At Work

We are Hayti’ doctors, engineers, professional and entrepreneurs. We represent the diasporas. We uphold truth, morality, and proactive measures as the pillars in our community. Our vision requires unity, dedication and optimism. together, we can achieve all.

Humble beginning Boston 2018

After numerous years, we encountered losses along the journey, however today, we are prepared and require the participation of each one of you to bring the vision for our heritage to fruition.

We are a ministry, a non profit organizational structure with capabilities to truly transform our society.

Our Vision

We require the participation of each one of you to enable our vision for our community and Hayti.

Friends & Family

Principles Of Our Work


Even under challenging conditions, we demonstrate resourcefulness by no quitting the fight of liberty and abilities. COME AND JOIN to unable our unified vision and strength.


The spirit of Desaline remains robust, with its roots firmly embedded in our hearts. Repealing the societal changes and reverting to the laws of 1805 will rejuvenate the essence of Haiti.


Our ecosystem, merits a new form of ECONOMY. lets start with: TRUST, CREDIT UNION and FONDATIONal knowledge.

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President FOTI

Minister of Awaken Foundation

Advisor FOTI